Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the joliff farm in cobor

the farm of erwan and anne joliff where my boyfriend and i wwoofed was situated in a very smal village near fagaras in romania.

the village once was german but most of the people living there now are hungarian, romanian or gypsies. most of them dont have running water and electricity is not that strong. internet is only possible over a modem, and i think the joliffs where the only ones who had internet.

they have a blog too: viata la cobor

something i never saw before, but read in john seymours book about are dry toilets. it is an environmentally friendly toilet without the use of water.

 the waste is turned into compost.
and thats how it works:
after you did what you had to do, you put the toiletpaper into a garbagebin, take a hand full of sawdust and put it on your "deposit". the urin is separated from the rest and flows to a filter. 
when the box under the toilet is full, you just put the waste on the compost (not too close to your house because it is a bit smelly) and it will turn into good compost earth in some time.

by doing this you save a lot of water and you don't need a drainage system to get rid of the waste.
it is not working in a big city but i still tought it is a very interessting idea.

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moonshinejunkyard said...

oh thank you for the link cat and for this wonderful information. i have used a composting toilet before but never for someone's home and was curious about how to incorporate the material safely for garden compost? still makes me a little nervous but in any case i think it's so clever and earth friendly. it just makes sense! what a cool farm you worked on in a lovely little corner of the world. i can't wait to check out the rest of your blog.