Tuesday, November 30, 2010


 the joliffs had some rabbits and the other day they killed the big ones to cook them. wolfgang, one of the two cats started to go crazy and managed to drink some of the rabbits blood. 
first they knocked the rabbits out of conciousness. that was kind of difficult to do because they still move even if they are unconcious (because of the nerves), so you acctually dont really know if they are still there. after that they sliced their throat, and hung them to let all the blood flow out.

then they cut the fur at the back legs and down to the belly on each back leg.
they "undressed" them by separating the fur from the muscles and the flesh (as you can see below).

they cut of the head and opened the belly very carefully, not to harm the intestines and took them out.
after cutting the paws and cleaning the rabbit with a wet towel anne hung them into the cellar
(so the dogs and cats wont eat them :-))
they killed seven rabbits and left the babys alive for next year.
(i took care of the baby in the meanwhile, whatching how the first one was killed was enough...)
from the heads you can make a soup and the meat is good with rice and vegetables.

in fact it is possible to raise rabbits in a flat, just make sure that you don't get into a personal relationship with them, because then it gets really hard to kill them...

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