Tuesday, November 30, 2010

self-sufficiant life and how to live it by john seymour

it seems like everyone interessted in the topic of self-sufficiency read  it or has this book at home.
i got to know it because my boyfriend bought it while i was in israel. i had some spare time so i started reading and i found it very interessting. everything looks so easy and is well illustrated =)
as i told my mum about this book she showed me an older version that she bought many years ago.
the family in romania where we wwoofed had another version (it was mainly about gardening).

as i am going to live in a big city i am mainly interessted in things that i can realize in a flat or on a balcony.
in this blog i will hopefully collect a lot of helpful tips about "self-sufficiency in the city" (as far as it is possible).

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