Tuesday, December 21, 2010


gibanica is a traditional serbian dish, very simpel and you can vary it as much as you like. i cooked it with a friend once and now i tried it on my own. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibanica)
you need:
  • 1x créme fraiche
  • 1x cream
  • 2x feta cheese (ca 400g-500g)
  • 200g cheese (i use emmentaler)
  • 2x broccoli
  • 4-5 eggs

  • and one pack of pastry leaves (i get them from a turkish shop, yufka/dürüm dough) or flaky pastry

  •  first you cut open the pastry leaves so they can "breath".
  • then you start cutting the broccoli into smal pieces and boil them a bit in water with a bit salt. (make sure you don`t boil them to long because they go into the oven later on.)

  •  now you mix the créme fraiche, creme (just take as much as needed), feta and eggs. you should crumbe the feta and mix everything well.
  • add a bit pepper, just a tiny bit of salt 8the feta is very salty) and some herbs
  •  preparing the casserole:
lubricate it with oil, butter or some other grease them unfold the parsty leaves very carefully and cover the cassarole with one of them.
the other leaves ripp apart and crush them in your fist. put tem in the cassarole (it is best if their openings are facing the top, because the feta/cream/egg/... can go inside the crumbled leaves easily.)
  •  if you finished with the pastry leaves you can start to put the broccoli between them.
  • at the end you fill in the feta/cream/egg/... , cover everything with the parts of the pastry leave which are hanging over the edges of the cassarole.
  • and cover it with cheese.

  • it needs ca 45 min at 180°C in the oven.


Lene LN fra Tyskland said...

Lecker war es. Hat es noch mehr?

Cat said...

ja, ein bisschen hat es noch. musst schell heim kommen wenn du noch was willst ;)