Monday, January 31, 2011

plans getting clearer...

taken in israel 09
r., my boyfriend signed me up for ulpan, which starts in march. ulpan is basically about learning hebrew and meeting other people who intend to do the same. so plans are getting clearer now: we are going to live at his parents place for a month (until we found a flat in one of the moshavs in central israel). we are trying to find me a job somewhere (maybe as a nanny/babysitter/aupair or something else).
and now some good news: i just got an email from one of the professors leading the beit loya excavation, i can work with them again in april! so there are good news too =)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

small blogger world...

taken from yarnloopies flickr
i just remembered a lovely pattern i saw on smoking hot needles some time ago and started to look for it. it was a design by stephen west called birdwing. i could not find it anywhere so i contacted monika (smoking hot needles) to ask her about it and she replied, just some minutes later. she told me that the pattern is not available yet but if i, by any chance am lenes daughter. yes, i am! so i contacted my mum and she told me that monika made this amazing shawl that i wear all year round! i knew that it was a gift from a flickr friend, but i have to admit i forgot the name...
taken from yarnloopies flickr 
taken from yarnloopies flickr
taken from storebukkebruses flickr

thank you monika for this beautiful shawl, i still wear it a lot!

things to think

think in ways you've never thought before.
if the phone rings, think of it as carrying a message
larger than anything you've ever heard,
vaster than a hundred lines of yeats.

think that someone may bring a bear to your door,
maybe wounded and deranged; or think that a moose
has risen out of the lake, and he's carrying on his antlers
a child of your own whom you've never seen.

when someone knocks on the door,
think that he's about
to give you something large: tell you you're forgiven,
or that it's not necessary to work all the time,
or that it's been decided that if you lie down no one will die.

~ robert bly ~
(morning poems)

(i first read this poem at a friends place in be'er sheva and found it on where you can find a lot of very inspireing poems. i like that it makes everything possible, it shows you different ways and gives you things to think differently about.) 

i arrived at my little sisters place yesterday evening. it is freezing here and i can't wait to have 20 °C in israel =) 
mum, your package arrived today, thank you very much!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

i won second fiddle crafts giveaway!

on the 10 of january i joined a giveaway on second fiddle crafts. it was one of the first giveaways that i joined and i turned out to be a winner!! she started that giveaway  because she hit 100 hearts on etsy, congratulations to that! i won some gorgeous vintage knitting pattern wich arrived at my mums house today! she will hopefully send them to israel, once we have an own adress, will you?
i am very happy, thank you very much!!
have a look at her blog: second fiddle crafts


 i decided to take the train because there where no shared rides in that direction. the "deutsche bahn" has a very good offer at the moment: you can travel through germany for 42€ if you are alone (you can only take the slow trains) and for every other person you only pay 6 additional euros. so i posted it on the website where you find shared rides ( to look fr people who travel in the same direction. i got several calls, but in the end everyone decided not to come with me. the last one called me two seconds after i bought the tickets for the two of us and told me that he will be late! i only made very good experiances with shared rides but this time it was horrible. so i had a ticket for two. on the way from mainz to frankfurt i saw someone without ticket so i took him with me (he was very happy =)). from frankfurt i took a woman with me. she gave me 4€ so i only lost 2€ because of this stupid guy and i made two people happy!
on my way from frankfurt to kassel a bunch of girls, who sat next to me got an sms from a friend (who took the train a bit earlier) that there is someone on the rails trying to kill himself... at first i did not belive it but then the train stopped. we finally arrived in kassel with two hours delay! i took a very slow train to göttingen, found a service center and asked for my next conection. i looked a bit sad and asked if she could not put me in one of the fast trains and after several phone calls she could =) i did the same in hannover so i acctually arrived only 10 minutes late!

i stay at an old friends place (we spend nearly every new year together since we where kids, because our mothers are good friends) and we did all kind of georgeous stupid stuff! "fasching" (carnival) starts soon so there are masks and costumes everywhere in the shops. i think fasching is a german it? of course you have brazillian and the carnival in venice but this is different... the germans go absolutly crazy on fasching like no one else! they dress up in the most stupid costumes, drink untill they drop and have weird parties where people tell jokes all night long!
i found the most adorable faschings dress for babies! it is a ladybird cape. i was very close to buying it but it occured to me that i don't have kids so i looked for someone else and found this singing and dancing elefant =)
i'll continue my journey on frieday to visit my little sister who lives even further north. so if nothing earthmoving happens, the next update will come from there. have some wonderfull days!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

everything changes....

i am in a state of confusion right now because finding a flat in tel aviv seems very difficult only leaving us the option to live in a moshav... it would be possible to have a garden then but i guess i would feel trapped. i don`t have a drivers license and no money to buy a car anyways so i would have to take the bus to buy food, go to tel aviv or to work... i really like the thought of living by the sea but it scares me to be so far away from everything... i have the feeling that we will end up living in a moshav, not by the sea and without a car.
the only important thing at the moment is that we get a flat at all and that we are together, but thinking of moving into the midle of nowhere at the age of 21 makes me shiver.


i was in mainz now for a few days, staying at my former flatmates place. we had a great time! we had a gorgeous 90's party, ate in a very cute indian reataurant and visited the st. stephans church to see the beautiful blue chagall windows. here some impressions...

this is the new synagogue in mainz, she has a very weird and interessting shape and there are police cars guarding it day and night. such a pitty that this is necessary...
about my further plans: i canceled würzburg so tomorrow i will try to go to bremen.
have a good night everyone!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


i'm on my way now and it gets more and more difficult to find some spare time to keep you updated.

i took a shared ride to get to mannheim and then the train to worms.  the first thing to happen was my heel breaking off... the girl who drove the car was very nice and we talked the whole ride. she is working in karlsruhe and lives in mannheim so she is driving the whole way every day!

i had some wonderful days in worms, visited the nibelungenmuseum and drove to mainz. we had a georgeous party! on monday i will continue to würzburg to visit a schoolfriend and to drink a coffee with an old teacher of mine.
i also managed to book my flight for the 2.2.2011 
rotem arrived in israel a few days ago and is looking for a flat. so it is getting closer and closer now and there are so many things i did not think of... helthinsurance, doctors, visas and everything...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

someone is waiting for you...

 when i woke up this morning, i had an sms from one of my dearest friends, that said: "when you wake up, have a look outside your front door, someone is waiting for you!". hmmm, who could that be? 
i grabed some clothes and went outside. 
and found this
i went closer...

...and took it inside.
i opend it and could not belive my eyes, it was toothless!
now i probably confused all of you, i`m sorry, 'll try to explain =)

last weekend i was at my friends house (you remember the  horseriding?). on frieday we didn't really know what to do in the evening so we started looking for a movie. her boyfriend  recomended "how to train your dragon" and it looked kind of cute, so we decided to borrow it (via playstaition network, its amazing what you can do with a playstation!).
it was a stunnigly cute movie about a boy in a viking village and the dragons they fight.

so we saw that movie and went to sleep. on saturday we sat together with her boyfriend, listend to music and drank some beer. at some point we went into their computer romm. it was almost dark and suddenly i saw this... we called it toothless and i was carrying it with me all night (using it as a pillow or eating the others ;))
i think it is supposed to be a cat or something like that...who knows.
it will allways be toothless for the three of us =)

thank you petra for everything! <3
he will be the perfect companion (pillow) for all the long car rides and flights to come.

Monday, January 17, 2011

changing the future...

wild dreams are getting real!
we (the beautiful rasta guy on the picture above and i) are going to move to israel!
i will still do my tour through germany and take a flight from northern germany to tel aviv in the end of the month (or maybe the beginning of february). we will work and try to save money... and maybe move to denmark next year, so i can study =)
i just wanted to shout this into the world wide web...
i am happy

so many questions...

i had a wonderful week-end visiting friends, riding horses, skating on ice with my little brother and thinking a lot...

i am leaving germany on wednesday to travel through germany and to go to copenhagen. the plan was to study egyptology and to stay there.... 
the only thing i did not like, was the fact that my boyfriend lives in romania. both of us had plans before we started our relationship so we were still following them. 
when he left germany some weeks ago (he was here for christmas, my birthday and silvester) we started thinking of any possible solution that would allow us to be together constantly but there was none that would make everyone happy....
i am not ready to cancel my studies and move to the countryside in romania and he does not know danish and he wanted to keep his project going (opening a farm for ecotourism with a friend)...

another possibility would be to move to israel (he is israeli) for a year (to work and save some money) and then go to denmark so i can start studying. till now it is only a wild dream but it makes me happy...

Friday, January 14, 2011


ingrid is our/my mums cat. she is one of the loudest, certainly the most annoying and the cutest cat i ever met. and after 12 years or so i still am not sure if she is deadly intelligent or just very stupid. what she likes best is to drink from the tap, scream at you as if you were torturing her, sit on your mouse hand so you can't do a thing or look very disgusted at the food you just gave her, go outside and return when the food has dried, looking at you as if you would willingly let her starve... 
you might think:
ingrid? what a weird name for a cat... yes, indeed. 
and there is a story to it: 
when we were kids my mum read us a story about pelle haleløs (peter no-tail), a small cat who was living in uppsala, sweden. the rumour goes that a big rat bit of his tail when he was a small kitten, so some of the cats from his neighborhood were teesing him because he had no tail. he goes through all kinds of adventures with his (girl)friend ingrid and often saves her from the mean cat mons. it is a very cute story written by gösta knutson.
acctually we wanted a male cat and call him pelle but it became a female so we named her ingrid.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

the beginning and the end...

in some days i will leave my mums house to start my journey to copenhagen. i'll stop in some places to visit friends and my little sister and finaly arrive at my aunts place in copenhagen...
when i moved from worms i stored all my stuff at my mums place, so at the moment i try to get rid of some clothes i don't wear anymore and some unnessesary stuff i never use... i was aware of that i have plenty of clothes but it is far worse than i thought! i still have clothes from when i was 14! most of them i don't fit anymore but i loved them, so i kept them.
but not any longer. i will give away at least half of my clothes and hopefully a lot of other crap i collected over the years.

there are so many questions popping up now and i don't know where to start.
i have no idea yet how to get all my stuff from southern germany to copenhagen and anyways i need a job and a flat first.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


posting trentemøllers "miss you" made me think about my year in worms and all the wonderful people i met there. sometimes i wonder how i got there, it really was a coincidence...

i finished school in summer 2009 and did not really know what to do, so i spoke to my art history teacher (i was always interested in that direction).
after some weeks he asked me if i want to do a voluntary year in his museum and i said yes. so i went to israel for a month and in september i started my freiwilliges kulturelles jahr (voluntary year in culture) in the nibelungenmuseum in worms.
it is not an ordinary museum with paintings or anything like that. it is more like a huge audio book that you can experience by walking through the middle-aged city wall and towers. mario adorf (a famous german actor) tells an old german folktale: the song of the nibelungs. i posted it earlier.
i was working in the office (with awesome people) and we did a lot of programmes with kids with many different topics. i really learned a lot. i had the possibility to organize an exhibition in one of the other museums in worms ( heylshof), participate in many projects and visit  a lot of other museums in the region.

i moved into a shared flat with two boys (studying computer science) and a girl who was studying touristic. we became good friends, had amazing parties and cozy evenings on my couch watching kurt krömer, a german comedy talk show.  he is gorgeous!
worms is not only the place where the song of the nibelungs takes place is is also the city where martin luther had to defend his work in front of the diet of worms and his emperor. this is a statue of luther and all the people involved that is situated on one of the main squares in worms, just look how huge they are compared to us...
after nearly a year, my job in the museum was over and i went to israel again. it was a good experience but now i also know that i don't want to end up in an office, staring at my computer all day long. or  i need something else too, to create a balance...
i can only recommend a year like this before you decide what to study and where to go, because it gives you the possibility to take a closer look at your dreams and if it is really what you want to do. there are different kinds of voluntary years, like an ecological year, a social year, a cultural year or a political year.
i am very much looking forward too visit all my friends in worms next week and hope to meet everyone before i move to copenhagen...

Monday, January 10, 2011

the song of the nibelungs

there are different version of this story but this is how i remember it:

siegfried kills a dragon to inherit an enormous treasure, which contains a cape that makes him invisible. as he touched the blood of the dragon he suddenly could understand the birds language and they told him to take a bath in the dragons blood because it would make him invulnarable.

he walks out into the world looking for new adventures and hears about the most beautiful lady ever seen.
he falls in love with her and starts his journey to worms, where the beauty (kriemhild) lives with her brothers.

meanwhile kriemhild has a dream of a beautiful falkon that gets killed by an eagle in a terrible way. her mother interprets the falkon as a man and kriemhild decides never to fall in love or marry to escape the pain of loosing the loved one.

siegfried arrives just in time to defeat the danes who were attacking worms. he is most wellcome, only hagen, the dark advisor of the kings (kriemhilds brothers) sounds a note of caution.
when kriemhild sees siegfried she imediately falls in love with him and forgets about her dream. gunther, kriemhilds oldest brother and king promises kriemhild to siegfried if he helps him to marry brünhild, queen of iceland. to marry her you have to win against her in a fight and to solve some quests. gunther is not capable of doing it so siegfried puts on his cape that makes him invisible and helps him.
brünhild arrives by karl schmoll von eisenwerth

as they come back to worms there is a double marriage. now siegfried has to help gunther to fulfil the marriage by removing brünhilds belt which gives her enormous strengh, he also removes a ring and gives both to kriemhild as a present.
one day, years after, kriemhild and brünhild are going to the dome in worms and starts to argue whose right it is to enter the church first. kriemhild gets very upset and shows brünhild the belt and the ring and tells her what happend in that night...

hagen swaers revenge for his queen by karl schmoll von eisenwerth
hagen feels a duty to restore the dignity of his queen, brünhild, and kills siegfried on a hunt in the woods. there is only a smal spot on siegfrieds shoulder where he is vulnarable because a leaf fell there and no dragonblood touched the skin. hagen asked kriemhild where this spot is, so he could keep siegfried save during wars.
kriemhild over siegfrieds dead body by karl schmoll von eisenwerth
the next day kriemhild finds siegfrieds body and swears revenge!

hagen throwing the treasures into the rhein (statue in worms)
hagen fears kriemhilds wrath and sinks siegfrieds treasures in the rhein. some years passes and kriemhild marries ezel, king of the hunnes. she invites her family for a feast. hagen feels that it is a trap and tries to warn the kings, but they are not listening. on their journey to ezels castle they meet a mermaid. hagen asks her to tell him the future. she says that no one except the priest will return to worms alive, so hagen throws him into the water and he survives, even if he is not able to swim. but the kings still want to go on.
kriemhild in friz langs silent movie
they arrive at ezels castle and, while they are sleeping, kriemhild orders her men to set the hall on fire. a fight starts, kriemhild demands hagens head but the kings keep their troth. then they all get captured and kriemhild asks hagen where the treasures are. he answers that he is not going to tell her as long as his kings are still alive. kriemhild grabs hagens sword (it was siegfrieds sword before he died) and kills her brothers. as hagen still refuses to tell her the place where the treasures are hidden she cuts off his head in one stroke. the surrounding people are shocked by the violence and rips her to pieces!