Thursday, January 13, 2011

the beginning and the end...

in some days i will leave my mums house to start my journey to copenhagen. i'll stop in some places to visit friends and my little sister and finaly arrive at my aunts place in copenhagen...
when i moved from worms i stored all my stuff at my mums place, so at the moment i try to get rid of some clothes i don't wear anymore and some unnessesary stuff i never use... i was aware of that i have plenty of clothes but it is far worse than i thought! i still have clothes from when i was 14! most of them i don't fit anymore but i loved them, so i kept them.
but not any longer. i will give away at least half of my clothes and hopefully a lot of other crap i collected over the years.

there are so many questions popping up now and i don't know where to start.
i have no idea yet how to get all my stuff from southern germany to copenhagen and anyways i need a job and a flat first.

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Lene LN fra Tyskland said...

Just remember Botanisk Have, "The Star" og den lille Trauling.
You will manage, my dear!