Monday, January 10, 2011

born in the wrong decade...

when i listen to this music i allways get the feeling that i was born in the wrong decade... just look at the music today, you have to dig very deep to find something you can compare to jefferson airplane, janis joplin, jimi hendrix and all the others.
i think the problem today is that music isn't honest anymore. how could a justin bieber know anything about love, pain, music and freedom? (he is just an exemple, you could exchange his name with any other from the mainstreem music business.)

there is some good music today though, i really like the electronic genre (electro, drum'n'bass, breaks, dubs, minimal, techno. of course it allways depends on the artist!).

trentemøller has some very beautiful songs. like this one:

when i was still living in worms, we used to sitt on our balcony in the morning, after we came home from some party. we watched the sunrise and listened to this song, it was gorgeous, i really miss that.

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