Thursday, January 27, 2011


 i decided to take the train because there where no shared rides in that direction. the "deutsche bahn" has a very good offer at the moment: you can travel through germany for 42€ if you are alone (you can only take the slow trains) and for every other person you only pay 6 additional euros. so i posted it on the website where you find shared rides ( to look fr people who travel in the same direction. i got several calls, but in the end everyone decided not to come with me. the last one called me two seconds after i bought the tickets for the two of us and told me that he will be late! i only made very good experiances with shared rides but this time it was horrible. so i had a ticket for two. on the way from mainz to frankfurt i saw someone without ticket so i took him with me (he was very happy =)). from frankfurt i took a woman with me. she gave me 4€ so i only lost 2€ because of this stupid guy and i made two people happy!
on my way from frankfurt to kassel a bunch of girls, who sat next to me got an sms from a friend (who took the train a bit earlier) that there is someone on the rails trying to kill himself... at first i did not belive it but then the train stopped. we finally arrived in kassel with two hours delay! i took a very slow train to göttingen, found a service center and asked for my next conection. i looked a bit sad and asked if she could not put me in one of the fast trains and after several phone calls she could =) i did the same in hannover so i acctually arrived only 10 minutes late!

i stay at an old friends place (we spend nearly every new year together since we where kids, because our mothers are good friends) and we did all kind of georgeous stupid stuff! "fasching" (carnival) starts soon so there are masks and costumes everywhere in the shops. i think fasching is a german it? of course you have brazillian and the carnival in venice but this is different... the germans go absolutly crazy on fasching like no one else! they dress up in the most stupid costumes, drink untill they drop and have weird parties where people tell jokes all night long!
i found the most adorable faschings dress for babies! it is a ladybird cape. i was very close to buying it but it occured to me that i don't have kids so i looked for someone else and found this singing and dancing elefant =)
i'll continue my journey on frieday to visit my little sister who lives even further north. so if nothing earthmoving happens, the next update will come from there. have some wonderfull days!

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