Monday, January 3, 2011

happy new year!!

i usually go to some good friends of mine on silvester, but this year it just did not happen and we did not want to go out. (for some reason on new years eve everything is very expensive and packed with people ) so we stayed at my mums house. 

we had cheese fondue, mousse au chocolate and some beers. around midnight we went outside and drank some sparkling wine when it turned 12 o'clock. we shot the few rockets we had into the air and started to look around for other rockets. 

but it appeared to be soo misty and dusty that we could not see a thing! of course it got worse with the rockets and soon we could hardly see 15m along the street! then the neighbors house started dissapearing... i've never seen it so misty. the only things we could see were small lightflashs from the neighbors rockets. 
so we just decidet to go inside again, it was cold anyway =)


Dam said...

and if i cry "happy new year-bonne année" from here!",do you hear it ?

Cat said...

yes! i can hear you =)
happy new year to you too!!
i really like your photos btw...