Wednesday, January 19, 2011

someone is waiting for you...

 when i woke up this morning, i had an sms from one of my dearest friends, that said: "when you wake up, have a look outside your front door, someone is waiting for you!". hmmm, who could that be? 
i grabed some clothes and went outside. 
and found this
i went closer...

...and took it inside.
i opend it and could not belive my eyes, it was toothless!
now i probably confused all of you, i`m sorry, 'll try to explain =)

last weekend i was at my friends house (you remember the  horseriding?). on frieday we didn't really know what to do in the evening so we started looking for a movie. her boyfriend  recomended "how to train your dragon" and it looked kind of cute, so we decided to borrow it (via playstaition network, its amazing what you can do with a playstation!).
it was a stunnigly cute movie about a boy in a viking village and the dragons they fight.

so we saw that movie and went to sleep. on saturday we sat together with her boyfriend, listend to music and drank some beer. at some point we went into their computer romm. it was almost dark and suddenly i saw this... we called it toothless and i was carrying it with me all night (using it as a pillow or eating the others ;))
i think it is supposed to be a cat or something like that...who knows.
it will allways be toothless for the three of us =)

thank you petra for everything! <3
he will be the perfect companion (pillow) for all the long car rides and flights to come.


Lauren Davenport said...

What a fun way to start the day... with a package from a friend. If only every day could start that well!

Cat said...

yes, it was the perfect start =)