Monday, January 10, 2011

if pigs could fly...

while i was knitting the piglets i had the idea to give them wings, so i tried some ideas and this is the pattern i worked out.

i used 7 st but it depends on the yarn you want to use. if it is as thik as the yarn you made knud of, you should probably use more. and of course there is no "regular wing size", every piglet has its own wings =)
my mumi pig (the dark green one on the pic below) has very small wing becouse it is a bit fat and it makes it look very cute.   

Cast on 7,
Knit 2 rows,
Knit 2, make 1, knit to the last two st, make 1, knit 2
K 1 row
K 2, m 1, k to the  last 2, m 1, k2,
K 2 rows,
K1, knit 2 together, k to the last 3 st,  k 2 tog,  k1

Continue until you only have 5 st left.
K 2 tog, k1, k 2 tog
Slip 1, k 2 tog, slip the first one over the knitted and close the wing.

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