Friday, January 7, 2011

october leaves fingerless mitts

 i started knitting again because i wanted to make a pullover for rotem and ended up knitting mitts for myself because i fell in love with the pattern =) the pullover and gloves for him are te next projects...
i bought the pattern over ravelry from abbie tilden.
 (ravelry is a great knitting/crochet community, like facebook for people who love to do things with their hands). 
i learned knitting in school when i was a kid, but i wasn't that exited about it then. it started when my mum started knitting again, suddenly my little sister and i wanted to try too and started knitting for a few years. when i went to israel in august i stoped but now i started again and i have to say that i find it very addictive....
here are some other projects i did earlier...

i did a lot of scarfs and hats and stuff like this. this is one of the scarfes 

the blue dressing gown to the right was the most dificult i ever did... the pattern was messed up and it took ages to finish it (in fact i never really finished it, i still have to make a crochet borduere...)

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