Friday, January 7, 2011

sinai 2010

 in september 2010 we went to sinai for 4 days. it was the most beautiful and lazy time in my life...
there are plenty of cabin owners along the coasts of sinai who offer a cabin and food for very little money. we looked them up on an israeli webpage (here is the google translated version) but the one we acctually wanted to go to had no space for us, so we just went to the next cabin and asked. it was called aquarium and was beautiful!

all we did were eating, playing cards, reading, relaxing. and we went for very long walks on the beach. i love to collect shells and stones... i found amazing shells and corals. but i had to leave them in israel.
the cabins had matresses inside and where build of local natural materials. they where only 10 meters from the ocean so you could sit infront of your cabin and watch the sunset.

i was reading bruce chatwins songlines and was in sinai and australia at the same time. it is a wonderful book about ancient traditions, myths and the modern australia and how these two worlds existed at the same time and place.

the fishes, shells and corals where colorfull and kind of scary some times. once i got very close to some white moray eels who where coming out of their caves and staring at me. i was terrified!

 in the evenings we were sitting in a round cabin which were three meters from the see, drank tee, listened to the owner (i think his name was mohammed)  playing his strange instrument and singing in arabic or bad hebrew =)
 the sunsets were stunningly beautiful!

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RolfNoe said...

It will not be easy to top this on your list
of "the best times of my life" - and you know that I know what I am talking about...