Monday, January 10, 2011

the song of the nibelungs

there are different version of this story but this is how i remember it:

siegfried kills a dragon to inherit an enormous treasure, which contains a cape that makes him invisible. as he touched the blood of the dragon he suddenly could understand the birds language and they told him to take a bath in the dragons blood because it would make him invulnarable.

he walks out into the world looking for new adventures and hears about the most beautiful lady ever seen.
he falls in love with her and starts his journey to worms, where the beauty (kriemhild) lives with her brothers.

meanwhile kriemhild has a dream of a beautiful falkon that gets killed by an eagle in a terrible way. her mother interprets the falkon as a man and kriemhild decides never to fall in love or marry to escape the pain of loosing the loved one.

siegfried arrives just in time to defeat the danes who were attacking worms. he is most wellcome, only hagen, the dark advisor of the kings (kriemhilds brothers) sounds a note of caution.
when kriemhild sees siegfried she imediately falls in love with him and forgets about her dream. gunther, kriemhilds oldest brother and king promises kriemhild to siegfried if he helps him to marry brünhild, queen of iceland. to marry her you have to win against her in a fight and to solve some quests. gunther is not capable of doing it so siegfried puts on his cape that makes him invisible and helps him.
brünhild arrives by karl schmoll von eisenwerth

as they come back to worms there is a double marriage. now siegfried has to help gunther to fulfil the marriage by removing brünhilds belt which gives her enormous strengh, he also removes a ring and gives both to kriemhild as a present.
one day, years after, kriemhild and brünhild are going to the dome in worms and starts to argue whose right it is to enter the church first. kriemhild gets very upset and shows brünhild the belt and the ring and tells her what happend in that night...

hagen swaers revenge for his queen by karl schmoll von eisenwerth
hagen feels a duty to restore the dignity of his queen, brünhild, and kills siegfried on a hunt in the woods. there is only a smal spot on siegfrieds shoulder where he is vulnarable because a leaf fell there and no dragonblood touched the skin. hagen asked kriemhild where this spot is, so he could keep siegfried save during wars.
kriemhild over siegfrieds dead body by karl schmoll von eisenwerth
the next day kriemhild finds siegfrieds body and swears revenge!

hagen throwing the treasures into the rhein (statue in worms)
hagen fears kriemhilds wrath and sinks siegfrieds treasures in the rhein. some years passes and kriemhild marries ezel, king of the hunnes. she invites her family for a feast. hagen feels that it is a trap and tries to warn the kings, but they are not listening. on their journey to ezels castle they meet a mermaid. hagen asks her to tell him the future. she says that no one except the priest will return to worms alive, so hagen throws him into the water and he survives, even if he is not able to swim. but the kings still want to go on.
kriemhild in friz langs silent movie
they arrive at ezels castle and, while they are sleeping, kriemhild orders her men to set the hall on fire. a fight starts, kriemhild demands hagens head but the kings keep their troth. then they all get captured and kriemhild asks hagen where the treasures are. he answers that he is not going to tell her as long as his kings are still alive. kriemhild grabs hagens sword (it was siegfrieds sword before he died) and kills her brothers. as hagen still refuses to tell her the place where the treasures are hidden she cuts off his head in one stroke. the surrounding people are shocked by the violence and rips her to pieces!

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