Monday, February 28, 2011

our house: before...

as we started cleaning in our new house we realized that the bedroom walls are dirty and a mess of many different colors. so we decidet to paint the beroom blue, maybe light blue. yesterday we bought some paint, started painting and now we are not sure about the colour any more... but at least it is better that it was before.
the blue bedroom

some of the many things they left behind...
this is our garden, lots of things to do! the people who lived here before us did not care about the garden at all so it is quiet a mess... but i promise it is going to be great =)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

התחנה the wool store

 the second yarn store i came across was hatachana - the wool store (frishman 32, tel aviv). i was delighted! that is how you imagine a cozy little yarn store. yarn and wool everywhere and a nice and friendly women sitting inside, knitting and ready to help you finding the perfect yarn for your project. as i am a bit short with money right now and as i already bought that much in the other store i only bought these to make some puppets...

פנאי לי pny lee

 it was thursday again, so i took my walk in tel aviv while r. was enjoying his class. and this time i took some addresses of yarn stores with me. the first one on my way was pnylee on begin street 126. 
when i stood in front of it i thought it was the wrong address but when you go inside you can see that they have a lot of crafty stuff! it is not actually a yarn store and anyways they are going to renovate now but it is definitely worth a look if you like to do things with you hands. they really have a lot of different materials.

as they are going to renovate, everything was half price!! so i bought some bamboo needles, some cotton yarn and some other stuff.
and i found this mess of bamboo yarn and took it for 40 nis. so everything for 144 nis (that is about 26€) what i think is quiet good =)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

fuit and flower diversity

yesterday r.s mother showed me some of the trees in her garden. i still can't belive that you can have all this in your backyard! 
have a look, it is amazing!

pecan nuts...

...and their tree.
the flowers of an apple tree

lemon flower and fruit

this is a louquat (japanische wollmispel)


i think this is an olive tree... not quiet sure.

another apple flower

pink bourgonvillea

today, as i took a walk in the garden, i realized that there are some plants and flowers i don't even know the name of. maybe you can help =)  

this one for exemple it likes to climb on things...
or this one. no one here seems to know what it is...
again no idea what it could be...
or this one...

about these i only know that they should be purple if you want to eat them...
...and this is their flower.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

missile on be'er sheva

today the first missile since the gaza war hit be'er sheva!
apparently there was a shooting incident between the israeli defence forces and some millitants at the gaza border wounding 11 people and palestinian sources reportet that it is related to an israeli air force strike last wednesday wounding 2 people.
there are reports about three missiles but only reports of one hitting  be'er sheva yet.

here some articles about it:

Grad rockets fired at Be'er Sheva for first time since Gaza war

Long-range Grad rockets strike Be’er Sheva

google news

be careful where/how you marry...

the german woman from my last post also send me a link to a website about women who married jewish israelis, got divorced and now have problems seeing their kids or taking them out of the country (even for a short vacation!)
as i told you before marriage is a religious thing in israel and it lies in the responsibility of the religious courts to decide about it. there is no way to marry non religious!

here an article from the jerusalem post: 
Parents’ dispute leaves German woman prisoner in Israel 

and here you have the link to the hatikvah foundation who deals with cases like that.

some impressions from the website:


"Are you an immigrant in Israel who has a child with an Israeli citizen?

Do you know that when the relationship between you and the Israeli parent of your child deteriorates, the Israeli parent has the right to request the local court to impose a travel ban upon your minor child - even though you are the primary care parent?

Do you know Israeli courts usually grant travel ban requests immediately and keep them in place until the children have reached legal maturity at age 18?

Are you aware that if you are the primary care parent and your child has a travel ban, you can no longer travel abroad with this child for a family celebration, Jewish holiday or a vacation, nor can the child join an international school trip, unless you or your family have exceptional financial resources?

Do you know that if you are a primary care parent and your child have a travel ban, relocating with your child to your native country will be an extremely complicated, long and incredibly expensive legal process?

Travel bans cut off immigrants and their (dual-nationality) children from their family in Diaspora just when they need their extended family most.

Travel bans block primary care parents from relocating to their native country with the children, also when the primary care parent has a legitimate reason to relocate.

Browse this website:
- to get more insight and and understanding of your own situation
- to receive extensive information about international custody, travel and relocation issues
- to understand more about the workings of the Israeli welfare authorities and the court system
- for tips on how to find a lawyer, either through legal aid or privately hired

Contact us: 
- to participate in our regular support meetings and meet other people in your situation
- to receive preventative legal advise for happily married couples
- for support and legal advice for people thinking about or going through a separation or divorce
- for references and information about lawyers
- for any other information about travelling or relocating with children in a post-divorce situation"

however i am not saying that religious marriage is a bad thing and i am not trying to atack anyone, i just want you to know what you are doing and how to do it so no one will regrett it...

be careful who you marry...

some days ago i found a group on facebook about germans in israel and posted on their wall. i got some tips by a german woman and it turned out that she is one of the cases you would like to be a lie!

a report in israeli tv about her (in hebrew).

she met a bedouin guy in a kibuzz near ein gedi and they had a long distance relationship over four years. he was an open minded man, who had lived in london and seemed interested in the world.

after four years she realized that she was pregnant and moved to israel.she agreed to marry her boyfriend to be accepted by his family. to do so she had to convert to islam, but this was only a formal thing.

some months later she found herself in a small flat mizpe ramon, her husband was either not there or violent.
and as she found out that he was married to another woman who also had a child with him she wanted divorce...

in israel however marriage and divorce is a religious thing only and the religious courts decide about what is going to happen. in her case that was the sharia. it is not even clear if she is married in a legal way because she is not registered anywhere and the marriage took place in a tent of the family.

when he threatened to kill her she took her two children (she got another one shortly after the first one) and went to a women's refuge. after six month she agreed to move back to the flat in mizpe ramon (her husband agreed not to live there and only to come to visit the children).

when she got back her husband (or other members of the family) watched her all day long. in this time he raped her several times and her third son was born.
she went to the police several times but nothing happened.

when her divorce was brought in front of the court she was not invited.
her husband got the right of custody for the kids and she is allowed to see them twice a week but her husband manipulates her children against her... she is not seeing them any more.

her third son still lives with her but her ex husband could take him every day...
here an article in german in the jüdische allgemeine

it is not a single case and being married to many women is quiet normal in the bedouin society. the woman who cleans r.s parents house once a week has given birth to 12 children of a man who has at least five wives.
many women who marry into this society are not aware of the consequences it can have...

when we where in sinai, we met a dutch woman who fell in love with a bedouin guy from that area. i was stunned how naive she was about their relationship! they lived on her savings and she had barely enough money left to fly back to europe and she was not really considering to go back...
she even gave him money for his friends and he never gave anything back...
i wonder what happened to her...

i am not saying that religious marriage or marrying into the bedouin society is a bad thing and i am not trying to attack anyone, i just want you to know what you are doing and how to do it so no one will regret it...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

thinking about an outdoor shower...

 as our bathroom is going to be a bit small we thought about an outdoor shower in the garden. r. wants to try building something with mud bricks but maybe not the shower... so we may have some other projects coming up soon =)
my mum (in germany) and i (in israel) browsed the internet and found some very nice but expensive outdoor showers. and some which are just not possible in our garden...
we are looking for something cheap and practical (and not the most ugly one). i thought about bamboo or wood and i want it to be able to close completel.
it would be very nice to have a shower that forms out of bamboo plants, but that need some years to grow and we would like to build it as soon as possible.
 do you know anything about outdoor showers?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

rest in peace, mod!

you remember the dog that had her period? apparently the bleeding was normal (they bleed for 12 days!!) but yesterday we had a bbq in the garden and (as always) the dogs got the leftovers of the steaks.
in the evening mod (that's her name) came inside, collapsed on the floor and her stomach emptied itself in every possible way! we took her outside, she was not able to walk, and called the vet. r. s father was suspecting a snake bite but when the vet came he said that it might be a bone stuck in her stomach so they took her to the clinic... this morning r. told me that she died (probably during the operation)...
we will miss you mod,
rest in peace!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

our house!

friday afternoon r., his father, his brother and i went to see the owner of the house close to netanya. it took us over 1 1/2 hours to sign the contract and talk about everything. as they were doing that in hebrew for me it felt like 4 hours.... but finaly: we have a house!!it has two rooms and a big garden and i really look forward to have partys and bbqs there =) the light was almost gone so this is the only picture i have, more to come!

a week-end in tel aviv

 on thursdays r. has his class in tel aviv an during these hours i usually wander through tel aviv.

 this time i went to yafo, where r. used to live before we went to romania. it is the arabian part of tel aviv and i really like its atmosphere. the houses are old with high ceilings and there are a lot of shops and pubs.

 this is a part of the famous flee market in yafo, if you dig really deep you can find real treasures. (but there is a lot of tourist trash too, so be careful.)
 the clock tower in yafo. there is a really good limonana place very close to it. they sell all kinds of juice, but the limonana is the best =) (limonana is self made lemonade with nana mint)
if you go into the old, touristic part of yafo you have a really nice view of tel aviv, especially at night with all the lights...
i was sitting close to the sea reading "in patagonia" by bruce chatwin, watching the sunset....
in the evening we met with some friends and went to a pub called the kindergarden pub (i have absolutely no idea why it has this name...but it is a really nice one). there is a big difference between german non smoking pubs and israeli non smoking pubs: in germany everyone takes this law serious, in israel nobody cares!
another thing about tel aviv: don't ever go shopping on a friday!! all the shops close between 14:00 and 16:00 and as everyone is working all week long the only day when they can buy things is on friday. people get realy stressed and mean and it is NOT fun! maybe i will make a list of does and don'ts in israel/tel aviv...