Wednesday, February 23, 2011

be careful where/how you marry...

the german woman from my last post also send me a link to a website about women who married jewish israelis, got divorced and now have problems seeing their kids or taking them out of the country (even for a short vacation!)
as i told you before marriage is a religious thing in israel and it lies in the responsibility of the religious courts to decide about it. there is no way to marry non religious!

here an article from the jerusalem post: 
Parents’ dispute leaves German woman prisoner in Israel 

and here you have the link to the hatikvah foundation who deals with cases like that.

some impressions from the website:


"Are you an immigrant in Israel who has a child with an Israeli citizen?

Do you know that when the relationship between you and the Israeli parent of your child deteriorates, the Israeli parent has the right to request the local court to impose a travel ban upon your minor child - even though you are the primary care parent?

Do you know Israeli courts usually grant travel ban requests immediately and keep them in place until the children have reached legal maturity at age 18?

Are you aware that if you are the primary care parent and your child has a travel ban, you can no longer travel abroad with this child for a family celebration, Jewish holiday or a vacation, nor can the child join an international school trip, unless you or your family have exceptional financial resources?

Do you know that if you are a primary care parent and your child have a travel ban, relocating with your child to your native country will be an extremely complicated, long and incredibly expensive legal process?

Travel bans cut off immigrants and their (dual-nationality) children from their family in Diaspora just when they need their extended family most.

Travel bans block primary care parents from relocating to their native country with the children, also when the primary care parent has a legitimate reason to relocate.

Browse this website:
- to get more insight and and understanding of your own situation
- to receive extensive information about international custody, travel and relocation issues
- to understand more about the workings of the Israeli welfare authorities and the court system
- for tips on how to find a lawyer, either through legal aid or privately hired

Contact us: 
- to participate in our regular support meetings and meet other people in your situation
- to receive preventative legal advise for happily married couples
- for support and legal advice for people thinking about or going through a separation or divorce
- for references and information about lawyers
- for any other information about travelling or relocating with children in a post-divorce situation"

however i am not saying that religious marriage is a bad thing and i am not trying to atack anyone, i just want you to know what you are doing and how to do it so no one will regrett it...

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