Tuesday, February 15, 2011

berryhats and small houses

sorry for being so lazy the last days, but i was knitting berryhats and we had a look at some other houses. additionaly i kept on looking for jobs. they all want a working visa so no chance by now. the last house we had a look at was rather nice. with a garden, standing alone, not the very best bathroom and it needs some painting but i really liked it =)
we slept a night over it and as we both still want it we will call the landlord as soon as we get their number. there would be enough space in the garden to sit around a fire with some friends and having some own tomatoes and stuff. the people now living there have two dogs and they are digging a lot in the garden so the house as the garden needs some time to look really nice but i am looking forward to work in the garden =)
mod, the dog on the picture above has her period and is bleeding heavily for ovr ten days now... first of all i did not know that dogs bleed too (probably because all the dogs i know are not able to get babys anymore...) and second: is it normal for her to bleed so long and so much?

an update on the IKEA burning down:
it was an electronical fault in an oven, so no sabotage or something like that.

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Lauren said...

I feel bad for the dog, but she sure is cute. I'm so glad you found a place to live on your own. I'm sure you two will be happy there.