Thursday, February 24, 2011

fuit and flower diversity

yesterday r.s mother showed me some of the trees in her garden. i still can't belive that you can have all this in your backyard! 
have a look, it is amazing!

pecan nuts...

...and their tree.
the flowers of an apple tree

lemon flower and fruit

this is a louquat (japanische wollmispel)


i think this is an olive tree... not quiet sure.

another apple flower

pink bourgonvillea

today, as i took a walk in the garden, i realized that there are some plants and flowers i don't even know the name of. maybe you can help =)  

this one for exemple it likes to climb on things...
or this one. no one here seems to know what it is...
again no idea what it could be...
or this one...

about these i only know that they should be purple if you want to eat them...
...and this is their flower.


Lauren said...

Wow. That is amazing. I wish we could have trees like that here. And your photos are really good!!

Cat said...

thanks =)
yes it is amazing, isn't it?
i cant wait to plant everything...
we will move on next frieday!