Friday, February 4, 2011


on wednesday i started my journey to israel, it took me over 12 hours. we left from my sisters place around half past three so i would get to the airport in time (in case of traffic jams).  on 19.35 my plane to prague took off. the flight to prague was only 55 min but there i had to wait for three and half an hour! our flight was the last to depart in prague so everything was closed exept a smokers bar. i bought a sandwich for 6€!! which was awefull and played  solitair on my laptop until the battery died. i had hoped that they would have had wireless internet but apparently you had to pay a lot for it so i droped it. the securety checks where ok this time, the only weird thing was that everyone had to take of the shoes, so they could be x-rayd. on 23.55 my plane took off. fortunatly  i had three seats for myself so i could lay down and try to sleep =)
on 4.35 i arrived in tel aviv. the first thing that happend was a young woman jumping at me "what is your purpose of visiting israel? your passport please!!" i don't understand why they always have to be so unfriendly. but now i am here, in israel!

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Lauren Davenport said...

You must have been so tired after all of that traveling! I look forward to hearing more about your exciting adventures!