Wednesday, February 23, 2011

missile on be'er sheva

today the first missile since the gaza war hit be'er sheva!
apparently there was a shooting incident between the israeli defence forces and some millitants at the gaza border wounding 11 people and palestinian sources reportet that it is related to an israeli air force strike last wednesday wounding 2 people.
there are reports about three missiles but only reports of one hitting  be'er sheva yet.

here some articles about it:

Grad rockets fired at Be'er Sheva for first time since Gaza war

Long-range Grad rockets strike Be’er Sheva

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Lauren said...

I hope you live in a safe area. All of the fighting and war really scares me.

Cat said...

they usually don't bother about small villages so at the moment we are quiet save =)
it frightens me too, but if i look at the people around me i think that you can get used to it in a certain way...