Saturday, February 26, 2011

פנאי לי pny lee

 it was thursday again, so i took my walk in tel aviv while r. was enjoying his class. and this time i took some addresses of yarn stores with me. the first one on my way was pnylee on begin street 126. 
when i stood in front of it i thought it was the wrong address but when you go inside you can see that they have a lot of crafty stuff! it is not actually a yarn store and anyways they are going to renovate now but it is definitely worth a look if you like to do things with you hands. they really have a lot of different materials.

as they are going to renovate, everything was half price!! so i bought some bamboo needles, some cotton yarn and some other stuff.
and i found this mess of bamboo yarn and took it for 40 nis. so everything for 144 nis (that is about 26€) what i think is quiet good =)

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Lauren said...

Wow. You got some great deals!