Monday, March 14, 2011

amazing animals!

we started working in the garden. it is quiet a mess but i have the feeling that it is going to be awesome =) 
there are a lot of animals in and around the house (if we like it or not) and some of them are really amazing! (at least for me they are...). today i saw this bird, he was beautifuly striped in brown, white and black, with a long beek and a cockscomb. i think they are called hoopoe (wiedehopf in german). he was eating all the small worms and stuff from the areas where we took out all the plants. we also removed most of the garbage and found some other animals living under/in it . a small gecko, grey, with dots and only as big as my smallest finger was living under a shelf that we found in the garden and i am sorry to take away his home but it seemed as if he found a new one very quickly... unfortunately i did not have my camera with me... 
when i removed the plastic that covered one of our fences i found a praying mantis and she looked as if she just came from her egg/cocoon (or how do they hatch?). as if she was made out of translucent paper, soft, wet and vulnerable.
  today i found her again, she became greenish and looked more robust than the other day. i've never seen one running around freely (only in zoos or in peoples homes as pets) so i was pretty surprised to find her in my garden!

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