Sunday, March 20, 2011

fool on the hill (by matt ruff)

Fool on the Hill: A Novel
some months ago i borrowed this book from a friend and was unable to put it down. in my eyes  Fool on the Hill: A Novel  is a very weird and unique book and i loved it! (i even gave it to r. as a christmas present).

imagine you have a bunch of different yarns and you start knitting. in the beginning you have many different ends but slowly, one after another, all the different strings will connect, become one without melting into each other. 

that seems to be a good way to describe this book. you start with a group of strange and fascinating people at a university, a cat and a dog looking for heaven, a writer who has problems with his muse and some fairies all ending up in a modern fairy tale about love and magic, a greek original and good and evil. 

even if it sounds like it belongs to the genre of fantasy i don't really agree putting it there. it seems to be somewhere in the middle. so give it a try, even if you don't like fantasy!

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