Monday, March 7, 2011

moving to netanya

the kitchen
we finaly moved on frieday and saturday. we managed to get rid of almost all the dirt and garbage the former tenants left there and cleaned the house. as r.'s parents have a lot of spare stuff we have almost everything and only need to buy glasses to drink out of and some other small stuff...
r. painting the bedroom
as we don't have internet yet i am at r.'s parents place now to give you some updates about what is going on here.  i don't want to complain but everything here is so unbelievably expensive! and as i don't earn any money we have to survive on r.'s salary. 
oh, did i mention that i love cillit bang?
pictures of my new home to come, we just have to unpack a bit =)

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Lauren said...

I hope the unpacking is going well.