Monday, March 28, 2011

my weeks small adventure!

 today when i got to the ulpan michal, our teacher told us that we are going to sing with all the other ulpan students. we went down (our classroom is on the third floor) to the big hall, got the lyrics and started to sing (in hebrew!!). 
it was nice and weird at the same time. we sang songs like hava nagila, hine ma tov and some pesach songs (echad mi yiodea?). you get to know the lyrics very quickly (even if you don't understand it) with the rhythm and the melody. it makes it much easier. did you ever try singing songs in a language you didn't know or just started learning?

now it is your turn!

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Storebukkebruse said...

We also sang Hava Nagila when I was about 7 years (in Denmark), and I had no idea what we were singing :-)

Cat said...

i still don't know what it is about, but i like it =)

netta said...

oh i remember my ulpans - i think i went 4 different times! 30 russians and me from denmark! i ended up with hebrew with a russian accent! very cute for a dane ;O