Friday, March 4, 2011

oy division and emir kusturica + the no smoking orchestra

emir kusturica + the no smoking orchestra
it was thursday again so r. and i were going to tel aviv. while he was in his class i met a friend whom i met at beit loya. unfortunatly she is going to new york in a week (maybe forever)...
anyways, around 20:00 we (r, his parents and i) went to a concert of emir kusturica + the no smoking orchestra. they are playing a mix between balkan music and rock and were dressed up. it was great and really funny but i don't think they should sing in english... for photos from the event click here.
i still wonder what he was supposed to be...a butterfly? a blue bat?
until the no smoking orchestra came on stage oy division performed some yiddish/klezmer music. they were great! have a look here, on facebooko or on myspace
oy division


RolfNoe said...

Oh, lucky You. Do you know his films?

Cat said...

black cat, white cat? i haven't seen it yet... but i've got it somewhere =)