Monday, March 28, 2011

a tale of two yarns (2KCBWDAY1)

so, finally! the first day of the 2nd annual knitting and crochet blog week has arrived! as i did not want to ruin the surprise i just now read the topic for the first day: a tale of two yarns.

hmm... it gets difficult for me here as we just moved to our new house and all my yarns are still in germany.  the only yarns i have here are leftovers from r.'s mothers stash (mostly acrylic) and some very simple 100% wool yarns for my rabbits. but i can tell you about a yarn i bought at the tutto opal shop while my mum and i were at the international sock knitter festival 2008 in hechingen, germany. it was great!  
this is me holding some of the yarn we bought 
(very happy as you can see =))
and this is one of my favorite yarns that we got therein . it is a mix of silk and wool and i transformed it into a dressing gown by jeannie atkinson (during my a-levels). i almost knitted the whole project in classrooms during lessons. in the beginning the teachers where rather sceptical but as most of the project was a very easy pattern, so i could still pay attention to the teacher. after some lessons it did not bother them anymore =)
this is as far as i got with the dressing gown (i did not have enough wool to crochet around the borders... maybe i will finish it some day). the yarn is very soft but heavy and i really like how it feels like on the skin.

(you have to excuse the bad quality of these photos but they were made in 2008 and with bad cameras.) 

talking about that event: 
another yarn i got there was stunningly beautiful as a yarn...
and...lets say less beautiful knitted....
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Lauren said...

I love the photo of you hugging the yarn. Very cute!! You must have had so much fun at the sock knitter festival.

Cat said...

yes it was great! that was about the first time that i realized that we are not alone hihi

Kate! said...

OOOhhhh those fingerless mitts are breathtaking! I love them!

katiemckinna said...

Hi Cat, very nice blog! Your pictures are really cute. That sock knitters festival sounds like a fabulous time! Guess what? It is so cool that you (were?) living in Germany, my husband is German, he grew up in Pleistein (in the Oberpfaltz) His family now is in Munich, Regensburg and some other places. We visit 1-2x per year and when there, I LOVE to shop for wool. They have so many really nice wools that we can't get easily here.