Thursday, March 17, 2011

thinking of japan...

i would like to express my deepest compassion with all the suffering people in japan and i really hope that they can avoid the final fallout. as i learned there are over 5.000 victims until now (ca. 8.000 are still missing...) and the radiation levels are getting higher every minute.
here are some possibilities to help the peopl ein japan

lets hope that they are able to stop the fallout and save all the people who are exposed to this extreme danger! 
i hope that all the governments in the world see now how urgent it is to shut down the other nuclear power plants. we know for years now that the risk is much to high and that there is no solution for the nuclear waste that will pollute our earth for some other thousand germany they are fighting about this topics for ages but they are only talking, as always. some days ago i heard about a project in norway that could replace 60 nuclear power plants in germany (there are "only" 17 at the moment) with renewable energy but for some reason the government doesn't want that.
here an article by the swr (in german) 

do the catastrophic events in japan effect your contries plans concerning your nuclear power plants?

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