Wednesday, March 30, 2011

tidy mind, tidy stitches. (2KCBWDAY3)

Day Three: 30th March. Tidy mind, tidy stitches.
How do you keep your yarn wrangling organised? It seems like an easy to answer question at first, but in fact organisation exists on many levels. Maybe you are truly not organised at all, in which case I am personally daring you to try and photograph your stash in whatever locations you can find the individual skeins. 
another question that is difficult for me to answer. back in germany my stash was not organised in any way, it was a big mess in bags in a cupboard. but now i started organising the small amount of yarn that i have here in israel. i just divided it into materials. that's all... 
this is the place where i keep my needles and other equipment.
when i get my wool from germany i will have to think of a new system and a new place to store my wool... 

i am very curious about all the other posts on this topic and hope to get some inspiration =)

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