Monday, March 7, 2011

ulpan - the first

printed letters
yesterday was my first ulpan class in tel aviv. ulpan is a more or less intensive hebrew course for foreigners. i am doing it at ulpan gordon (f) in tel aviv. so yesterday was the first time i went there and r. helped me through the jungle of public transportation from netanya to tel aviv and back. my class is a very colourful mix. i spoke (or spoke not because of language barriers) to a columbian, a norwegian, a german and a new yorker girl and there where some french, british, african (i think nigerian) and russian people. in the beginning i was wondering why our teacher was working with pictures and did only speak hebrew but in the break i found out that a third of my class does not speak english... we started with the aleph-beit (the hebrew alphabet). i already know the printed aleph-beit but you only use it in the computer, in newspapers and magazines so in the ulpan they focus on the handwritten hebrew. 

some general facts about modern hebrew: 
  • you read and write it from right to left
  • the aleph-beit has mainly consonants (you have to add most of the vovels in your head)
  • it is not identical with the ancient hebrew from the bible (but they are simiular)
  • the printed letters are only used in books, newspapers, subtitles and other formal things
  • there are dotts that indicate a vovel but they are only used for kids or in names where it is not clear how to pronounce it.

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Lene LN fra Tyskland said...

Quite an optical difference! And quite beautiful - the everyday hebrew :-)