Friday, March 18, 2011

your weeks small adventure

i just decided to create my own weekly challenge =)
every sunday i will post one of my everyday adventures and invite you to do the same on your blog/flickr/or whereever you post, link back to my post and add your link to the list of links in my post. very simple but fun and a good way to exchange small, funny, exiting or sad stories. 

your small adventure can be everything, everywhere and everyone. maybe a new, exiting, exploring, creative or moving moment.... i want you to look at your everyday life and discover all the small adventures that take place with no one to notice them. write them down, maybe take a picture or choose a picture that fits your adventure and post it!
link it back to this post by using the following html codes:


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A Playful Day said...

I love this idea!!

Cat said...

thanks a lot! you can join this weeks adventures here (