Wednesday, April 13, 2011

guerrilla gardening!

what is guerrilla gardening? you basically make your town/city more beautiful by planting flowers in ugly corners and abandoned places. 

here an exemple:
luc lives in montreal, canada and has been cultivating a guerrilla pavement garden for many years now (on the corner sherbrook east and hogan).
2002 it looked like this...
 ...and now, every year, it blooms in a different way. sometimes very colourful sometimes less. to see his progresses since 2002 have a look at his flickr album "guerrilla gardening à la montréalaise".

 another example was the rosa rose neighborhood garden in berlin, but unfortunately the german officials
destroyed it in 2008. 
 have a look at their project anyway, they are still active.

on the 1. may it is the international sunflower guerrilla gardening day which means: take some sunflower seeds and plant them somewhere in your city! go with some friends, total strangers or alone, but do it! for more information about all this check the guerrilla gardening homepage or join the facebook event.

however, when i walked through netanya yesterday i found the perfect spot for my own guerrilla garden =)
if anyone wants to join just let me know. this place is very close to the central bus station in netanya, so even people who are not living here coul find it easily.
our own garden i getting better and better...
...and some of the flowers that we planted are starting to bloom and look more healthy (not much to report yet lauren).

here i planted some seeds. 
i really hope they will grow...i am not quiet sure that it will work. 
have a beautiful day!

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Lauren said...

Thanks for the update on your garden :) I think the guerrilla gardening is a great idea! It looks like you found the perfect location. I'll look for a location here too!