Wednesday, April 6, 2011

sneak attack!!!

some time ago i joined a team on etsy that orgsanises sneak attacks. a sneak attack by definition is:  

"a way to support independant artisans who are trying to sell their wares online. Two days a week at an appointed time, an Etsy shop with few or no sales is announced on this site. As many people as possible then buy items from that shop, resulting in a frenzy of surprise business to the unsuspecting shop!"

so twice a week we gather and "attack" some new shops =)
as most of the members are in the u.s. the attacks sometimes take part when it is the middle of the night (in europe) so yesterday i could not be part of it.
when i woke up the next morning i checked my emails and could not belive my eyes: i had been "attacked"!
i sold peter rabbit and this berry hat
and i got a custom order for another pink berry hat!

i wanted to thank the sneak attack etsy team and the sponsor who chose my shop (winemakerssister)!!
have a look at sandis post too


Stockannette said...

Congrats - I love it when we Attack one of our own!

beadsoul said...

Hee hee! We really sneaked up on you! Yay! Here's to many more sales and successes!

Cat said...

thank you all soo much for doing that!
and thanks for stopping by here =)