Sunday, April 10, 2011

win ad space on my blog!

you have a small shop or business (e.g. etsy, local) and want some advertising? 
enter this giveaway to get a month of free ad space on my blog!

how to enter:
leave a comment for each way you entered (if possible post a link) to get a bigger chance. 
i will pick a random winner on the 30. april!
good luck to you all!

p.s.: make it possible for me to contact you!


Goddesss Jasmine said...

I liked you on FaceBook, am following you on Twitter, retweeted for you and added you as a favourite shop on Etsy, do you need a seperate comment for each one?

Cat said...

would make it easier but no, it will be ok =)

magnetiKmania said...


Just followed you in Twitter and liked in Facebook! Also Checked your Shop! :)

Some things about the blog... I guess that what troubles me more is the green color, but is a personal taste. I prefer more simple blogs.
But as I said, personal taste.

As for the rest I think that you got everything and well organized! Keep posting!

Anastacia Knits said...

Found you via ravelry :)

I read through your blog quickly so I could make a comment, nothing really stands out too much one way or another except I found your background rather impersonal & generic - and again, looking through your blog quick, I couldn't really tell what the focus of your blog was supposed to be about, a background would help tie it all together. Just my two cents!
anastaciaknits at gmail dot com