Thursday, May 5, 2011

garden update (for lauren =))

the herbs are doing fine, growing and growing as they should.
i am sorry that i was away for so long but i was volunteering at beit loya and when i came back from the second session there was a lot to take care of regarding the visa... i will also be gone the next week as we have the last session of beit loya (i hope to take some photos for you).
i think this is an oliander, is it? anyway he has a lot of pink flowers now

we tried desperately to give it some shape but as it was growing wild for many years it is hard to do that. if i say shape i don't meen shaping it  like a square or a ball, i just want it  not to close our front door and/ or the windows and to look nice...
sunflower babys
you might remember that i planted some sunflower seeds in an empty egg carton. it took ages for them to show a first sign of life so i planted some other sunflower seeds directly in the ground and they looked like this in 7 days! the ones in the egg carton started to look very bad some days ago so i planted them in the ground too. i hope they will survive. i think the problem was that the carton sucked all the water. so if you are living in a hot climate don't try to raise plants in cartons... i now also planted some corn as i don't belive they will survive in the carton either.
most of the flowers survived the transfer into the ground...
unfortunately i was not at home at the international sunflower guerrilla gardening day so i  decided to do it just on my own at some point. anyway planting stuff in my own garden feels a bit like guerrilla gardening as we have to start from the very beginning and under bad conditions =)


Lauren said...

Wow. Everything looks great! Does the oliander smell nice? (It looks like it should) The sunflower babys look really healthy. It looks like you've done a lot of work. Thanks for the update, for me :)

Storebukkebruse said...

Oh, everything is growing. It does bring joy to see little seedlings poppong their heads out of the soil. I am happy every day that I see mine grow. Pity we didn't do more of this kind when you were kids :-)