Sunday, May 22, 2011

IQ light and the perfect breakfast

boker tov, guten morgen, good morning, god morgen!
i just ate the perfect breakfast. natural yogurt with oat flakes, pears and honey while browsing through blogs/internet and listening to trentemøller
r.'s sister (ntagar photography) is in japan right now to take photos for an aid organisation and she took a photo of an IQ lamp! (people who are not familiar with this beautiful danish design please visit the website)
i just love their simplicity and complexity at the same time and there are so many ways you can put them together...

my mum has some of them and now as i have seen them again i am thinking of buying one...

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Storebukkebruse said...

Hi Sweetie, sometimes I take mine apart to wash the dust away and everytime I have a hard time putting them together again! Quite ingenious design.