Wednesday, May 25, 2011

so in love...

i just found a brilliant designer (mari muinonen/tikru)
on ravelry and i think i found my next big project! just have a look at these fairy like designs...
and this is my next big project! 
i will choose another colour but the design is absolutely stunning!


Rachel said...

New to your blog but the little I have read so far is quite interesting! Had to comment on this post as I LOVE Sylvi and have started her...though it will be months and months before it will be close to completion. The project you chose is so beautiful...what color will you be doing it in?

Cat said...

welcome to my little world =)
i wanted to start sylvi too but then i saw this one and i decided that i have to do this one first =)
i don't have the wool yet but i am going to buy some at the annual yarn and falafel gathering on friday (posted about it some days ago).
i want something blue or green i think... we will see, i hope to find the perfect yarn =)