Tuesday, June 7, 2011

shavuot - the cheesecake holiday =)

this holiday marks the anniversary of the day god gave the torah to the entire israelite nation assembled at mount sinai, although the association between the giving of the torah (matan torah) and shavuot is not explicit in the biblical text.

shavuot is also linked to the grain harvest and the harvest of the first fruits, so in many kibbuzzim you will find harvest parades and celebrations. it is the conclusion of the counting of the omer that starts with pessover. this might also be where the name shavuot comes from (shavuot=weeks in hebrew).
to learn more about it have a look at the wiki page.

ashkenazi jews made it a custom to eat cheesecake because shavuot is supposed to be a dairy holiday (i could not find any resonable explonation why). but every where i go they are talking about cheesecake these days =)


Lene LN fra Tyskland said...

Did you have any?

Lauren said...

Cheesecake... yum! Are you going to make some?

Cat said...

i did not eat or make cheesecake yet but maybe i'll try today =)