Wednesday, June 22, 2011

tiberias excavation 2011

finally i have the time to make the post about the excavation i spend a week on. i uploaded some more photos on flickr
tiberias is located on the eastern shore of the sea of galilee in the north of israel. it is quiet an interesting and important site as you find traces of all three monotheistic religions there. 
excavations in tiberias go back over 50 years and cover most period from the calcholithic to the ottoman periods.
in the last years a mosque, a church, a bathhouse, a beautiful mosaic and many other buildings where uncovered.
on this photo you get a good impression of the different layers in the ground and the reason why we dig layer after layer (as every layer is a different time period, which we can then date by the pottery and other finds we take out). 
unfortunately i am  not allowed to post photos of the more exiting finds as we don't want anyone to steel the photos and publish them somewhere. but here some of the smaller finds like glas (1), marble (2) and lots of pottery (3) to give you an impression.
gretchen (one of the volunteers) made a lot of nice and interesting videos about the site over the years click here to have a look.

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