Thursday, July 21, 2011

garden update

while i was in germany our vegetable garden went a bit wild but also produces 
nice little tomatoes,
hot and regular peppers, 
and eggplants. 
for some reason the pumpkin and zucchini have a problem and i cant figure out what. 
the zucchini for example has a lot of flowers and also starts making small vegetables but then they become rotten before they are bigger than one of my fingers. our peas died completely and my potatoes aren't happy at all. but to summ it all up: our vegetable garden is fine and better then i thought it would be.
we also planted some new plants like the head of a pineapple. 
after eating the pineapple we simply put the green head into water for a while and it made a lot of roots. 
now our little pineapple is growing happily in our garden =)
most of the other parts of the garden though are yellow and wont grow like i want them to... 


Lauren said...

Wow! I can't believe how well your garden is doing. The garden I had in America took a few years before I got a good harvest. Yours looks amazing.

Tabby Bear said...

You garden is really doing well! I love the healthy eggplant and the red delicious looking tomatoes. Yum!. I can imagine them seeing in your foods.

Rose Dipped said...

My tomatoes aren't as happy as yours! I have an angry bird and I don't know how to get rid of... Congrats on your garden it looks stunning

Cat said...

-thank you tabby bear for stopping by. we have a lot of eggplants right now and they are so delicious.

-hello rose, are we talking real birds? you can try to cover the tomatoes with a net so the bird wont be able to reach them... i dont know what else... cats or dogs might scare it off. hope you find a solution. thanks a lot for stopping by =)

-hey lauren, no one did anything with this garden for years so it had some time to regenerate. i think that and the sun might be the reasons why we have so much to harvest. thanks a lot!

Child Piano said...

Your garden looks fine! In fact your soil is good as I look at it. Just keep on planting for more fruits and vegetables preferably those that are called companion plants to prevent pest infestation.

Cat said...

i will try my best to keep it going. thank you for the good advice, child piano.