Wednesday, July 27, 2011

wordless wednesday - tel aviv street art


Jenn @Monkey Butt Junction said...

These are great. I particularly like the second one - the moose/bird amalgamation. Whenever I see street art, especially older street art, I wonder where the artist is and what they are doing now. Is it just me?

Great WW post.

Cat said...

hey jenn,
i also wonder who made these beautiful pieces. in tel aviv you can find a lot of eggplant graffiti all over the place in many different colours and shapes. just eggplants... i really wonder who had the idea and if it is only one person or many imitating the original. (i posted about it a bit earlier this month).
thank you for stopping by =)

tanya904 said...

Great photos.. I love the dedication and creativity of street art.

Bastet said...

Some of these are hauntingly beautiful. I wonder who created these pieces of art.