Wednesday, August 31, 2011

kamui cosplay

my little sister used to play a lot of world of warcraft when she was younger. i tried it too but was not willing to pay  the monthly fee for it so i only reached a low level character on her account. it was funny to see how they have their own language and jokes and how real relationships formed by playing together over the internet.
but it is also dangerous as it is a very addictive game and she realised that at some point and started to cut down the hours she was playing. a few days ago she sent me a link to this amazing blog
this is a woman who combines all the mmorpg's with crafts and photography. 
( i don't know if she is really playing these games or if she just likes the stories behind it or if it is just about the costumes). but she actually makes those dresses the virtual characters are wearing in real life! 
there is an amazing amount of money, time, effort and love that goes into those dresses and i can't stop looking at all the details...
this is how the caracters look like in world of warcraft...
...and this is what she made of it!
to have a look at all her projects and advetures have a look at her flickr and her blog

Thursday, August 25, 2011

wordless wednesday - tel aviv


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the situation is getting more and more tense over here...

rockets falling on be'er sheva, attacks on a bus, people dieing on both sides and now this. i was trying to get some news from and found this instead...
the world is going crazy...
 to get some news about what is going on over here please choose a link from below:
just stay informed and make sure not to rely on a single source of information.
love and peace for the world!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

an experiment - vegetarian for a month

i don't eat a lot of meat but the other day i happened to stumble upon one of petas videos again. a cruel video about methods in the conventional meat industry. here is a link to the video but i have to warn you it will ruin your day compleatly...we all have seen videos like that at least once but we like to forget about it because i guess we don't want to feel bad while eating our favorite steak....

on this website you can sign up, promising that you will be vegetarian for 30 days:

so i thought i will give it a try, 
i will become a vegetarian for a month. 

don't think i will ever become a vegan, because there is no way i am going to live without cheese, milk, honey and eggs (i might try it though, for a month or so) but vegetarian is not that far from where i am now and maybe i'll just take it step by step. so that's what it is going to be from now on:  
no meat until the 18.9.2011!
and this is why!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

wordless wednesday - i took the cat outside today

wrap your troubles in dreams just passed 10.000 views and did not even notice!

i just wanted to thank you all for coming to my little corner of this huge blogging universe again and again!
you are great!

tu b'av - the israeli day of love

the day before yesterday was tu b'av, a day that modern israelis celebrate like europeans celebrate valentines day. when i got to work all the girls were given roses and the guys complaint that this is sexist and that they also want some roses ;-) this is my rose at work.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

look what i found when i came home from my first day at work...

 some time ago r. told me that he went into a pet shop to buy something for his parents dogs and that the owner had the most cute little cat. he did not get along with someones other cats so it needed a new home. because i was going to germany soon and he was working a lot we decided not to take him yet. but if he was still at the shop when i got back and everything settled again, we would take him. 
so yesterday i had my first day at my new job and when i came home he was there! so small, so cute but named angy... (if i hear angy i have to think of the german chancellor angela merkel. her nick name is angy...) so that name was not an option. as r. is learning german right now (as i am learning hebrew) he thought about gurke (meas cucumber in german) because he thinks it is a funny word. or findus... 
the first night was horrible! we could not leave the windows open as he is that small and would climb out very easily and he did not let me sleep. it felt like i woke up every ten minutes because someone was chewing my toes, attacking my arm or trying to jump on r. (who has to get up early and gets all grumpy if someone wakes him up.) i even tried to close the doors to the bedroom but the doors have windows and one of the small windows is broken so he just climbed back into bed with us.

wordless wednesday - street art and graffiti in tel aviv, israel

and for more tel aviv graffiti visit my flickr account

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

passion fruit ice cream

  • 250 ml cream
  • 250 ml milk
  • 230g fine sugar
  • granted zest of one lemon
  • juice of two small lemons
  • pulp of six fresh passion fruits
    put the cream, milk and sugar in a bowl and stir it until it dissolves. if you have an ice cream maker mix in the other ingredients and follow the usual procedure. now if you don't have an ice cream maker (like me) don't panic, it is not that hard it is just a bit more effort.

    here is what you have to do:
    after stirring cream, milk and sugar you cover the bowl and leave it in the freezer for an hour. then stir it again. leave it in the freezer for the next hours (check after every hour) and then give it another whisk when it is almost firm.
     this time you can add the other ingredients and return it to the freezer. when it is nearly firm give it one last whisk and put it in a suitable box/container/bowl with a lid. 
    after returning it to the freezer you just have to wait until it is firm and enjoy it =)