Wednesday, August 31, 2011

kamui cosplay

my little sister used to play a lot of world of warcraft when she was younger. i tried it too but was not willing to pay  the monthly fee for it so i only reached a low level character on her account. it was funny to see how they have their own language and jokes and how real relationships formed by playing together over the internet.
but it is also dangerous as it is a very addictive game and she realised that at some point and started to cut down the hours she was playing. a few days ago she sent me a link to this amazing blog
this is a woman who combines all the mmorpg's with crafts and photography. 
( i don't know if she is really playing these games or if she just likes the stories behind it or if it is just about the costumes). but she actually makes those dresses the virtual characters are wearing in real life! 
there is an amazing amount of money, time, effort and love that goes into those dresses and i can't stop looking at all the details...
this is how the caracters look like in world of warcraft...
...and this is what she made of it!
to have a look at all her projects and advetures have a look at her flickr and her blog