Wednesday, September 7, 2011

book crossing

book crossing is one of those wonderful ideas that adds some adventure to the participants life. you can release book into the wild for others to hunt =) i just love this idea. all you have to do is to sign up (for free) and start hunting or releasing books. 
here is how it works:
after signing up to you can register your book and label it with a unique tracking number the website will provide you with. now release it where ever you want (just make sure it is in a safe spot) and tell people about it (again over the website). 
now to hunt it people just have to go to the section about recently released books, find it in the spot you left it and report that this book is cached!
if you own a small business you can even open a safe zone for free books that people will leave.
i would really like to hunt some books here in israel but it does not seem to be very popular or well known of here... only some tourists leave books in hotels somewhere in jerusalem. if someone wants to start some hunting with me just let me know and we will get it started =)


Storebukkebruse said...

I had a book once - set it free at bookcrossing girlfriend's place :-)

Lauren said...

I love this idea! I guess it's all about finding others in the local area to join in.

Cat said...

hey lauren, it is a great idea, isnt it? i bet there are a lot of book crossers in the uk, you should have a look. the first pic in the post was taken in schottland.

hey mum, which one was it?

Anonymous said...

I am with bookcrossing for 8 years now and it is a great and international site! So, if you need books from Germany - on my shelf you will find a lot --> morgenrot from Straubenhardt!!

Micha Klann said...

What a lovely idea!
I wonder, if there are any book crossing activities in Germany?

Audrey said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing I'm going to release one in the park across the street from my house tomorrow, it's raining here today.

Cat said...

so happy that you like book crossing =)
micha - germany, in fact, is one of the most active countries. just go to the website and type in your cities name. i am sure you will find some books :)

good luck with your release aurdrey. you can put it in a plastic bag so it wont get wet ;)

Cat said...

thanks a lot for stopping by morgenrot =)
for 8 years!? a long time.
i really hope to get some people in israel on the hook...
gruesse nach straubenhardt

Eftychia K said...

One day I saw a book on a benche! I opened it and that's how I leant of this great initiative! I love travelling and books and believe bookcrossing is the perfect combination of these two. Great post! Cheers!