Sunday, September 18, 2011

islands in time....

about a year ago i bought a hand fan at a cute little shop with the most amazing clothes,blankets, jewellery etc. from around the world. unfortunately i lost this fan so about a month ago i went to that little shop again. 
shuk hacarmel
to find it you walk through shuk hacarmel (from the alenby side) until you can turn left. if the shop is opened you will know that it is the one.

so i bought another fan and sat down with the owner as i was in no hurry. we started talking and talking and time flew. he seems to live in his shop as there is a small kitchen and a build in gallery where he seems to sleep. so it felt more like a living room and a shop at the same time. a friend of him dropped by and stayed with us to eat some watermelon. she was gorgeous and we started talking about book, environment, tel aviv, the housing protest and the world. we talked about books that move people, spiritual books, movies, music.... (listening to tracy chapman and a lot of world music.)

time just flew and i ended up staying there for about 4-6 hours, i don't even remember. it was like an island in time, a place where time stood still and it did not really matter. 

we also sold some stuff together as if it was the most natural thing to do. everyone was stunned who walked into the shop. some people came for a coffee, just to talk, to buy something or just to enjoy the atmosphere. 

when i had a look at his books i found " the tao of pooh - the way revealed by that sort of bear" by benjamin hoff. i started reading it there and when i was about to leave he wanted to give it to me as a present. i told i would bring it back, and i will. 
 unfortunately the last time i went there (with some grapes and the second book "the te of piglet" as a present) the shop was closed... i really hope everything is ok and i will be able to give something back.

as i am going to give back "the tao of pooh", i wanted to buy it for myself and maybe even "the te of piglet". i was looking all over the internet and tel aviv. but it takes ages (21 days) for most websites to ship the books to israel and most shops that sell english books here did not have it as it is a bit older.
after visiting about four book stores in a row, one of the owners advised me to try "halpers books" on 87 alenby street. and i did.
so this is how i found the second place where i could spend hours on an island in time... it is hard to find as the entrance is in a backyard but once you are there you don't want to leave. 
picture a labyrinth stuffed with secondhand books in various languages, narrow pathways, books up to the ceiling and this smell of old books that makes your heart jump with excitement and makes you feel home.
i asked the owner if he has the toa of pooh and he knew almost exactly where to find it. i paid 30 shekels for the tao of pooh and the te of piglet (which  is about 6 euros!).
if you are in tel aviv, make sure to pay both shops a visit!
halpers books also buys books if they are in good condition.

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