Tuesday, December 6, 2011

my mum

this is my mum.
she is the best mum you could think of. but i guess everyone thinks that about their mum ;)
i am following her life on her flickr page, skype and through emails at the moment as we live in different parts of the world. 
she is the one who really introduced me to all the crafty stuff as she is doing so many things herself!
just visit her flickr or her etsy shop and have a look at all the beautiful things she creates =)


s said...

Das ist aber ein super Nikolaus Geschenk Liebes :-)Danke! Thanks Dearest.
Love Mum...

Ulla V. said...

How funny! I have followed your mum's work on flickr for a long time - but had no idea that you two "belonged" to each other. :))

And what a sweet and heartwarm post about your mum. :))