Saturday, December 17, 2011

our impro christmas tree

yesterday we were invited to a christmas dinner with friends. it was gorgeous! we had gluehwein and a big meal and exchanged some fun presents afterwards. and now i finally managed to bring some christmas feeling to our house by decorating one of our half dead plants =)
as we will fly to germany in some days there is no need for us to have a real christmas tree, we will have one at my mums place.

it was hard to get into a christmas mood as no one here really celebrates christmas (there are mainly jews and muslims in israel) but we found some russian shops that sell christmas decoration. everytime i walk into one of those stores they think i am russian. and not only there also the taxidrivers, people in stores and people that need directions start talking to me in russian... so weird

Thursday, December 15, 2011

rest in peace little gurke...

we were looking for him almost every day... and this morning we got a call that someone saw him dead at the nearby playground. it is the first time now i realize that he will never come back. it is hard and releasing at the same time. i dont have to hope anymore, search anymore and we can finally close the window that was open day and night in case he would make his way back to us.... but it is so hard to know that he will never come back, never again cuddle with me in the morning and never ever bite or fight my legs when i want to sleep.... and we dont even have anything to burry. it would make it much easier if i could see him and give him a small funeral. he was like my baby, a little furry baby... i just wish he would come back... i dream about it every night.

rest in peace little gurke,
we will always love and remember you!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

my mum

this is my mum.
she is the best mum you could think of. but i guess everyone thinks that about their mum ;)
i am following her life on her flickr page, skype and through emails at the moment as we live in different parts of the world. 
she is the one who really introduced me to all the crafty stuff as she is doing so many things herself!
just visit her flickr or her etsy shop and have a look at all the beautiful things she creates =)

Monday, December 5, 2011

please come back...

he is gone for a week now and we miss him a lot... he just left and did not come back, not even to eat. he is growin up so we hope that he found a girlfriend and will come back to us when the exitement is over. when he does we will have to visit the vet to make sure he does not get ideas like that again. anyway there are far to many stray cats in israel so we dont need some more!