Wednesday, February 8, 2012

my first pattern for sale on ravlery =)

i finally managed to upload my forst pattern to ravelry!
here some basic informations about the pattern:
eli is about 25cm from head to toe.

Yarn: 100g/168m (184 yds)
or any other kind of worsted yarn (100g/ 200-150 m)
Needles: 3-4mm (US size 3-6/ UK 11-8) (or whatever fits your yarn)
Face: use buttons/safety eyes/or embroider with yarn of your choice.
Cloth: use any scraps of cloth
Stuffing: use scrap yarn/cloth, cotton or some other stuffing
the pattern is easy but you should have some idea about how to read patterns with simple expressions like k, p, k2tog and so on.

my price for eli is 2 euros
feel free to visit the pattern on ravlery or to buy it here (you dont have to be a ravelry member to buy it, but if you like knitting and you are not a member yet you are missing out on A LOT! ;))

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