Wednesday, August 29, 2012

outside the vault - new blog

R. and i decided to start a blog together.
Why did we decide to start this blog?

We felt like we want to start a journal about our small urban balcony garden, our experiments with baking and all the other things to come.

Some time ago we started thinking about self sufficiency and life outside this weird concept we all live in where you go to work for someone else most of your life, waiting for those few years in the end where you don't have to work for someone else anymore (if you will ever get there) to actually start living.

Would it not be much nicer and more satisfying to work for yourself, grow your own food and to be independent from the big corporations and companies?

Would it not be much more real to actually know where the food is coming from that you eat every day and give to your children?

Would a life in harmony with nature not make much more sense?

Well, i know that for me all this is true.

I know that for me all this would make more sense.

And i know that i want to give it a try.
So these are our attempts of living outside the vault (does anyone of you know Fall Out?), outside this system, going back to the basics and starting a self sufficient life.
It is going to take a lot of years and practise.
But everyone has to start somewhere, so we start on our balcony in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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