Friday, March 22, 2013

friday and a lot of sand

today was a strange day. the morning was hot almost without wind. then came wind and lots of sand and dust. with weird dim light and plastic bags flying all around.
this is the view from my desk at work, it was about noon when i took this photo and we had the lights on and still it is dark. all the skyscrapers you usually see from you windows are barely visible and cloaked in sand and dust. like on another planet. this photo does not do justice though. it looked more like on mars then the bright light that seems to be coming from the outside.
when i walked to my bus it had cleared up and was mighty windy.
here some impressions of a friday afternoon in tel aviv.
it is almost shabat (shabat starts friday evening when you can see the first three stars). everyone is going to have a big meal with their family tonight and no one is this part of town anymore. 
i work in an industrial area with a lot of office buildings and garages.
and friday is always very quiet. no one is working.
shabat shalom everyone, have a nice weekend!

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